About EPM Composites

In 1996, we started a business with a vision to become a leading high-performance engineering group with a sound business acumen and a world-class team.

Since that date, we’ve worked towards this vision, making world-class components, assemblies and sub-systems using hi-tech composite materials for some of the most challenging engineering environments.

Today, we see a bright future for high performance engineering. It’s a smart future. An exciting future; one that blends customer needs with our own capabilities. A future where we will invest to ensure we have the facilities, equipment and skills required to be the best; inspired by an in-house culture to nurture talent through our own apprenticeship academy.

From our purpose-built, 60,000 sq. ft. technology centre based in Derby – the UK capital for innovation – we continue to engage with the best customers, use the most up-to-date equipment and proven systems to design and certify parts, assemblies and sub-systems that are fit for flight and tested to win!

Our ability to produce parts from one a day to one every four minutes will continue to attract new customers to our technical facility, where we manufacture complex, lightweight, performance-critical and environmentally advantageous components that give our existing customers the edge that makes them world leaders in their respective fields.

We’re organised, accredited and we operate faster, more efficiently and with more flexibility than ever before. Factors that will help ensure we maintain our position as a leading company in the manufacture of composite and metallic materials that build genuine, engineering momentum.

See our 20 years journey here.