Bailey gets a set of new wheels!

We were excited to welcome Bailey Matthews to our factory this week for an extra-special visit. To honour this most important of VIPs, team epm decided to surprise the popular youngster with a bespoke gift.

Bailey, who has Cerebral Palsy, has won multiple awards including Pride of Britain and BBC Young Sports Personality of the year — and he’s only just starting out! His infectious personality, strength and determination to compete in sport despite the challenges of his illness have made him an inspiration to people of all ages far and wide.

First springing to fame as the star of a video which saw him leaving his walking frame to finish a triathlon unaided, Bailey stands for everything we believe in here. He shows us all that whatever challenges we may face, anything is possible if we work hard.

It was a pleasure to design and manufacture a brand new, lightweight walking frame for Bailey using carbon fibre and F1 technology — all the while keeping the project top-secret.


Our engineers made sure that the new frame would give Bailey the best walking experience possible, increasing the speed and ease of travel. As he arrived, expecting simply to receive a tour of the factory and an exclusive look at our new medals for the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon, we unveiled the result of careful precision engineering to Bailey and his parents. It’s safe to say, he was pretty happy with his new mode of transport.

“This is amazing,” said Bailey. “My current frame is home-made and very heavy but this looks great and is really light.

“The medals and the frame are really cool and I can’t wait to come back to Derby for the Be More Bailey triathlon.”

The Be More Bailey triathlon is being held at Derby’s Markeaton Park on Sunday 17th July as part of the Jenson Button Trust Triathlon. You can find out more about the event here.


Bailey’s dad Jono was delighted with the frame too, commenting:

“I can’t believe what epm: technology have done.  We kept it as a secret to Bailey and it has exceeded all expectations.”

Managing Director, added:

“Bailey is an inspiration and I am delighted that we have been able to create this high precision F1-inspired frame that will hopefully make competing in triathlons an even more enjoyable experience.”