Bespoke yacht furniture

As part of a yacht fit-out, EPM was tasked with creating a piece of bespoke furniture.


Late on in a time critical yacht fit-out, the extra client requirements had pushed the structural loadings on each deck, with the vital need for it to still incorporate a sizeable swimming pool and helipad.

This resulted in a radical rethink on all furnishing and fittings throughout the yacht.

A key element was the requirement for a solid oak table capable of seating 16 people, at which point we were approached.


Building lightweight furniture is relatively easy but we had two major challenges as all other items were signed off and in production.

1. How to build a single ‘leg’ table capable of holding an exceptionally large table top?

2. How to design a table top that would be stiff enough to support its weight and support the veneer finishes but remain light enough for the single structural support to work effectively?


The table was constructed using a number of honeycomb cored structures over 50mm thick, structurally bonded together and over laminated using pre-preg carbon-fibre, incorporating some UD materials. The leg went then through extensive F.E. simulations to optimise the mating surfaces.

The leg structure needed expensive structural materials. However, wherever possible, we also used relatively commercial materials to help us mould the designed shape.


We made a semi-structural one piece leg designed to be manufactured in two parts, which for an easier installation, were bonded together on site.

The top was a 55-60mm thick structure designed to ‘clip’ together on site and cantilever off the centre leg.

This project was time critical and the table structure was delivered on time for the finish to be added and then brought into the yacht in construction.