Bulldog Autogyro

epm: technology partnered with an entrepreneurial ambition to create the Bulldog Autogyro.

What we were asked

We were approached by BJJR Ltd with an entrepreneurial ambition to create a quintessentially British styled Autogyro aircraft. The Bulldog is a high-end sports/leisure aircraft that has been dubbed ‘The Rolls-Royce of Autogyros’.

What we did

From the first engagement with BJJR Ltd, we involved our design engineers and digital sculptor in order to transform sketches and concepts into an advanced composite engineering solution. Understanding the emotion of the design as well as the technical aspects allowed us to optimise the design from manufacture whilst maintaining the spirit of the model.


When the Bulldog was unveiled for the first time, in April at the ‘AERO Friedrichshafen 2015’ show, it was hailed as ‘stealing the show’ with its iconic British style. Our relationship with BJJR has been so successful that they have asked us to work with them on their next two designs. This is our measure of success; it is this ‘teaming’ approach to our work that we enjoy and our clients enjoy. We are on the same journey as our clients helping make their dreams a reality.