Custom automotive roofing

We were tasked by an automotive OEM to replicate a roof from carbon fibre

What we were asked

We were asked by a high-end automotive OEM if we could replicate a current sheet moulded composite (SMC) from carbon fibre. They needed just one part for a car show that they would be launching a limited edition version for. We had just three weeks to deliver the component.

What we did

The CAD we received was for an SMC part, so we had to work on changing this for a part made of carbon fibre. We made a one-off mould to cure the part. The backing structure had to be removed from the original part and bonded on to the carbon fibre one that we had made.


The part was manufactured and delivered to the customer’s very high standards on time, allowing the customer to debut this limited edition model. The car was such a success that they are now putting together a production run that we have since won the contract for to make the convertible roof.