1996 was a great year for high performance engineering: Graham Mulholland started a new company.

He had been working on new thermo-composite materials – no resin, just plastic. A thought occurred to him. A spark that grew brighter. Gradually, he stoked the fire until he saw a chance to establish a new composites company – unlike any other.

Today, epm: technology not only produces carbon fibre components for high-performance engineering and F1 motorsport, it has also designed unique, bespoke composite solutions for Team GB at the Olympics and Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. The strength of the company is rooted in Graham’s initial principles: keep it simple, keep a promise, wear a smile and deliver what the customer needs. A clear vision and simple values bred a culture of trusted relationships and pure performance.

And one of the most advanced and respected composite engineering businesses in Europe.

Partnership, purpose, performance.

Everyone thinks their way is best. Whether it’s the right way depends on the number of people who see value in it.

At epm: technology, we think everyone values honesty. Honesty is like free-flowing traffic. When you’re open and straightforward with colleagues and clients, you see ahead more clearly. So, as far as composite materials are concerned, we know where we are and where we’re going.

You can see epm: technology as a partner working for the good of your business. You’ll find out how composites can offer you a quicker, lighter, more flexible way. Like several current high profile F1 teams, you’ll value our expertise and experience in composite component design and production. You won’t find us constantly over your shoulder, but you’ll always know we’re always at your side. We’ll show you courtesy, capability and commitment to your company’s aims.

Remember, engineered composites bring together the strengths of two distinct, yet complementary constituents: you and us. We’ll get ahead together.