Guy Martin record-breaking gravity sledge

We worked with Guy Martin to help break a world-record on the slopes of Grandvalira.

What we were asked

We were approached in 2014 by North One TV with the task of designing and manufacturing a gravity sledge for Channel 4’s “Speed with Guy Martin”. The series focused on various record attempts by the British motorcyclist and TV personality, with the episode in question titled “World’s Fastest Toboggan”.

What we did

Teaming up with Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sports Engineering Research and Guy himself, we carefully optimised the sledge for pure speed with the aid of F1 technology. Guy spent three days on site where we took him through the entire process and ensured he played an active role in the design phase.


The episode centred around Guy attempting to break the world sledding speed record. Visiting the ski resort of Grandvalira, he took a 984 ft run with a 360 ft drop – that’s steeper than the main climbing route of Mount Everest. Powered by our sledge, he managed to smash the world record, reaching over 83mph and beating previous record holder Rolf Allerdissen by 21mph.

Watch the videos below of our record attempt and our feature on the BBC news.