• 90m2 floor capacity
  • Capable of running two shifts of 50 people in each shift
  • 3 x Autoclaves
  • Constant stock of tooling pre-preg
  • Kit cutter: 1.5m x 6m
  • Confidentiality area available for each customer

At the ordering stage we allocate a serial number to each component in order to ensure its complete traceability. This will guarantee that each product manufactured by Mulholland Composites is made with ownership by the laminator for the highest quality and precision.

Autoclave Dimensions

  • 4m x 2.5m
  • 1.8m x 4.3m
  • 1m x 3.5m

Cure charts available for traceability for each project.


Kit Cutter

Kit cutting has become an integrated part of our manufacturing process at Mulholland Composites. Our Kit Cutting department has a well-established and highly efficient cutting service which provides consistently cut, high quality parts in pre-preg.

We currently have a 5m kit cutter, which cut fabrics of up to 1.5m in width in pre-preg. Our machine is supported by our CAM office, where we can receive two-dimensional CAD drawings for cutting via email.

Kits are cut, bagged, sealed and frozen within our freezer facility until required. Every kit is produced in a timely manner to ensure out-life of material is not overly affected, with all kits produced within our facility having a material kit sheet indicating full traceability of materials used.

Using our composite kit cutting service offers a number of benefits:

  • Composite material savings
  • Time savings and improvement of delivery times to customers
  • Labour savings
  • Reduced material handling
  • Reliability and consistency of production


Machine Features:

  • Computer controlled cutting machine
  • Flatbed
  • Full vaccum system
  • Vaccum zoning
  • Router / Laser station
  • Laser pointer and jog control
  • Auto tool depth sense
  • Edge sensing cradle

Materials processed include:

  • Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre
  • Pre-Preg Fiberglass