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On some competitive field, most of us have a team we support. But how about having a team that supports you, helping you be more competitive?

Mulholland Composites are experts in carbon fibre composites, but you’ll hear no jargon. We want you to fully understand the value composite materials can give you. Every one of us is here to explain clearly how composites technology can bring you more advantages, results and value. From every project or CAD engineer and every project manager, you’ll get straightforward, solid advice and help – face-to-face or on the phone.

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About composites

The potential of carbon fibre composite materials is huge. Industry of every kind is only just waking up to it.

Where composites were seen virtually exclusively for the use of Aerospace, Defence and performance motorsport, you can now see them as a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to traditional manufacturing materials. You get the same strength and structural performance, but with less weight and more versatility – and, with bespoke composite products made to your specification, real value for money.

You’ll now find carbon fibre composite components in bicycle frames, laptop protective cases, fishing rods, golf clubs, shoe soles, as well as in areas of art, furniture, musical instruments, even within the structures of buildings. If you can imagine a use for composites materials, it can probably be achieved.

And there’s no company better placed to help you achieve it than Mulholland Composites Limited.