epm: technology at the Advanced Engineering Show 2016

2016 has been a fantastic one for epm!

We have achieved our AS9100 approval industry standard quality management system (QMS) within the aerospace sector and we strengthened our team with a key appointment, Andrew Walker- Commercial Director.

These being said, we are proud to announce that once again we’ll be exhibiting at the Advanced Engineer Show. Held in Birmingham’s famous NEC each year, this is the UK’s largest annual gathering of manufacturers and supply chain and one of the most important events on the industry calendar.

This year, we won’t just showcase some of our latest projects, we’ll also celebrate 20 years of being at the forefront of the composite industry!

Come and visit us on Stand K100, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for live updates and ask our experts how we can help your business.

epm: technology group gains AS9100 approval

We are proud to announce that epm: technology group has gained AS9100 approval.

AS9100 is an industry standard quality management system (QMS) within the aerospace sector.

“This is a huge achievement for epm,” our CEO Graham Mulholland commented this morning, two years since moving into bespoke premises on Westside Park.

“Team epm have been working on this day and night for some time now. To achieve this within our new technology centre across a wide and sometimes complex market sector needs is a great achievement. Our QA team, headed up by Gavin Henderson, have nailed it and made it part of our DNA.”

Gavin Henderson commented,

“It’s been a great process and our auditors BSI have been very good working with us. To hear we’ve passed is great given the effort everyone has put in.”

Mulholland concluded,

“We’re bang on plan and growing the business consistently. This approval shows that we’re on top of our systems making truly world class and often complex parts, assemblies and system compliant products.”

Powering Paralympics GB

In the top echelon of sport, every thousandth of a second is significant. British dominance in Rowing and Cycling in particular has been achieved somewhat through the superiority of our equipment and research.

From McLaren offering advice on the aerodynamic efficiency of our rowing boats, to custom carbon fibre shoes for our cyclists, every technological opportunity for improved gains has been explored. Both the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics have been the ultimate display of both Britain’s sporting success and our engineering prowess, and we are honoured to be a part of that.

The continuous stream of gold medals has brought the nation together over the summer, watching in unison as British athletes like the Brownlee brothers (wearing gear from Derby-based HUUB), Jonnie Peacock and Ellie Simmonds lived up to the lofty expectations and made us all proud.

The Paralympic atmosphere and sense of admiration is unrivalled in sport. Every athlete in the competition has a backstory of commitment, bravery and determination, and a single medal can be the culmination of a difficult and emotional journey. The events are inundated with superstars, and we are extremely proud to have made our own contribution to Britain’s quest for Paralympic glory.

Epm: technology group supplied the Tennis Foundation with carbon fibre wheelchair cases to help the Team Paralympics GB wheelchair tennis team transport their equipment to Rio.

Bring on Tokyo 2020!

Welcoming our new Commercial Director

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to epm: technology group — Commercial Director Andrew Walker.

Commenting on the new key appointment, our CEO Graham Mulholland said, “operationally epm is a completely different company today as we continue to grow the business.

“Strengthening the business operationally and commercially has been, and will continue to be, a major priority for me. We’ve waited patiently for Andrew to join team epm and we are introducing new skills to our industry as many of our future programmes are multi-million, multi-year work programmes.

“In our 20th anniversary it’s a giant step forward as we grow to become an engineering powerhouse.”

Andrew Walker said, “joining the team in a growth phase is very exciting. We will be moving quickly to bring more depth to the team as we continue to gear up epm.

“But in two years the business has built a new home, moved, grown, brought online its own academy programmes and won AS9100 and a couple of very high profile contracts.”

Andrew Walker continued: “it’s my job to ensure we all keep up with the customers’ expectations and Graham’s drive to challenge and change this industry sector.”

In our 20th anniversary it’s a giant step forward as we grow to become an engineering powerhouse.Graham Mulholland, CEO, epm: technology

2016 F1 season reaches its midpoint

An incredible run of victories from Nico Rosberg, the youngest ever grand prix winner in Max Verstappen and a fantastic effort from Lewis Hamilton to overturn a large point deficit in the championship table.

There’s been a plethora of exciting action so far in the 2016 F1 season, and we’re only halfway through.

It hasn’t just been about the front of the grid, either, with Manor Racing Team securing their first ever point at the Austrian Grand Prix, and the likes of Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez and Kevin Magnussen showing impressive form in the midfield.

F1 also visited the beautiful city of Bakufor the first time, and recently made a return to Hockenheim. The fans attended Silverstone in their droves as always, and the rich and famous mingled with the drivers in Monaco.

The championship battle is hotting up with some impressive upgrades from Red Bull Racing which have allowed them to gradually close the gap to Mercedes AMG Petronas. Though Lewis Hamilton currently leads by 19 points, he has an engine penalty to come and three rapid drivers behind him who could challenge his title at any time. In the longest season in the history of Formula 1, anything could happen. We don’t know about you, but we’re glued to our seats.

Featured image courtesy of Andrew Locking

Mulholland welcomes TEDx to Derby

The chances are you’ve probably watched a TED talk at some point in the last ten years. Originally a conference established in 1984, TED became a successful online video series in 2006 with over five million YouTube subscribers and a billion combined views to date.

Each talk provides speakers with a chance to inspire, influence and provoke thought. Personalities such as Bill Gates, U2’s Bono and Stephen Hawking have all contributed their expertise over the years, and recently it was the turn of our CEO, Graham Mulholland.

TEDx is an expansion of the TED conference programme, which allows communities to hold TED-licensed events locally. When Derby began curating a TEDx event of their own, a number of key figures in the business community were selected to speak. For Graham, it was another exciting moment in a year marking 20 years of epm: technology group.

Watch Mulholland’s TEDx talk below, in which he explains the impact composite materials have made in F1, and the possibilities of the technology going forwards.

epm: technology group in the words of our employees

Each and every staff member at epm: technology group has contributed in some way to the success we have achieved over the past two decades. In our 20th anniversary year, it is especially important to recognise their dedication and commitment.

We asked a number of our longest-serving employees to share their most prominent memories of working here, including their favourite projects and predictions for the future.

The featured image is a team photo from the early 2000s. We’ve come a long way!

In their words, here is our story.

On their first day

“I remember my first day at epm: technology group. I was really nervous but I got placed with one of the lead laminators, Everton Reid, who still works here today. He took me under his wing and I learnt a lot during that period of time that has served me well throughout my career.”

David – Laminating Manager (year joined, 1996)

“I was really anxious about how epm would change things for me. It felt like a big step to enter the world of work, and everything seemed really complicated at first. Luckily, I kept going and i’m coming up to celebrating twenty years with the company soon. It wasn’t as scary as it seemed.”

Gavin – Laminator (year joined, 1996)

On their most challenging project

“The most challenging project I have been involved in by far is the clock hands for China. They were one of the biggest structural components we’ve ever produced.”

David – Fitter (year joined, 2000)

“It might surprise you to know that it was actually making the move into our newest factory. It was such a big change from the last facility, and it took a lot of time and organisation to transfer the expensive machinery from one place to another. It was also a challenge to remember where everything was in the new building which meant that we didn’t get properly up and running for a good few weeks. I’ve only just got the hang of everything!”

David – Laminating Manager (year joined, 1996)

On the most important thing they’ve learnt at epm

“The most important thing I’ve learnt at epm is that, in order to meet a deadline, you have to work hard and do things correctly. If you don’t put the effort in, you won’t get results. It’s as simple as that.”

Paul – Deputy Fitting Manager (year joined, 2007)

“I’ve learnt to think correctly under pressure. That’s definitely a good skill to have in my role, as I can often be juggling a variety of different tasks at the same time. Getting stressed helps no one, and it certainly doesn’t get things done.”

Maggie – Purchasing/HR Manager (year joined, 2003)

On the biggest difference they’ve seen at epm

“The biggest difference I’ve seen at epm since I started working here is our current facility. It’s such an inspiring environment and it’s a fantastic place to work.” 

Gavin – Laminator (year joined, 1996)

“As the company has grown, the level of skill needed to work on some of the more complex projects we undertake now has definitely increased. I’ve had to work hard to keep up with the level of knowledge that is required in my role. If you’re not on the ball, you won’t last long here because there’s so much talent waiting to get a chance in the industry.” 

Andy – Laminator (year joined, 1997)

On the ways in which epm support the next generation of engineers and manufacturers

“I think the great thing about epm as an employer is that we give young people the best opportunities possible to succeed. Whether those opportunities are taken or not is up to the individual. I like to think we place quite a lot of importance in on-the-job training, too. You can’t learn everything in a classroom, and placing the young guys with more experienced members of staff like myself allows them to learn the do’s and don’ts early on.”

David – Fitter (year joined, 2000)

“Recently we’ve opened the epm academy, which has produced some really bright young engineers so far. I’ve been impressed by the maturity and work ethic of the students — Derby College has worked with us to create a fantastic opportunity for them.” 

Andy – Laminator (year joined, 1997)

On the advice they would give to new starters

“I would tell any new starter to listen to more experienced staff members, ask questions and never assume there is nothing left to learn. There will be people you encounter along the way that don’t do things correctly, and it’s up to you to take both the good and bad from your colleagues and senior staff members and use it to better yourself for the future.”

Gavin – Laminator (year joined, 1996)

“My advice would be to have a positive, can-do attitude. Negativity doesn’t help anyone, and negative employees don’t last long here. This industry can be difficult and fast-paced. Tight deadlines can see people working incredibly long days and spending a lot of time away from home, but everyone is in the same boat and we are like a big family. A large portion of our lives are spent at work, so you might as well enjoy it.”

Maggie – Purchasing/HR Manager (year joined, 2003)

On their fondest memory at epm

“Definitely the friends i’ve made here. I’m really lucky to work with such a great team and we’ve definitely made a few memories over the years. Whether I can remember them or not is another story! We work really hard here but a job is nothing without the people around you.”

David – Fitter (year joined, 2000)

“My fondest memory of working at epm is seeing young people joining the company, working hard and achieving their goals. I’ve seen some people grow up here and really make something of themselves.”

Maggie – Purchasing/HR Manager (year joined, 2003)

“So much has happened but i’d have to say winning the first annual Christmas jumper competition. Nothing else comes close.”

Gavin – Laminator (year joined, 1996)

On the future of epm

“I think we will have several sites across the country and maybe some in Europe or America.”

Maggie – Purchasing/HR Manager (year joined, 2003)

“I’d like to see us working on more complex aircraft parts and even branch out into the space sector. There’s a lot of opportunities there for businesses like epm.”

David – Fitter (year joined, 2000)

“In another 20 years time I think epm: technology group will be the number one composites company in the UK.”

Andy – Laminator (year joined, 1997)